Advice for beginners

You can play disc golf on your own, but it’s much more fun to play with others.

Once you’ve convinced some friends to join you for a round, your next step should be to get your hands on a good quality flying disc. You can play with any flying disc, however you will probably have more success throwing with proper golf discs. Golf discs are smaller than traditional frisbees – they are designed for accuracy and distance, rather than for catching.

There are essentially three types of golf disc:
1. Drivers – for long range throws.
2. Putters – for short throws and putting.
3. Multi Purpose – can be used for putting and mid to long throws.

To start playing, all you really need is one disc. As your skill and understanding of the game develops you may choose to add additional discs to your bag. Experienced players commonly carry anything up to 20 discs, sometimes more! Prices for golf discs starts from about $18 and go up to around $30.

Getting Started With One Disc
To play with one disc only, you’d do well to choose a straight flying multi purpose disc – this can be used for putting and will also give you good distance too.

Get Started With Two Discs
If your budget stretches to two discs, choose a straight flying putter and a multi purpose disc.

Get Started With Three Discs
Choose a straight flying putter, driver and multi pupose disc.

Golf discs are available in a range of weights – 145g through to 176g. Children are likely to have more success throwing with lighter discs.

Buy Golf Discs
Golf discs can be purchased from shops close to the course and by mail order over the internet. Click here for a list of local disc golf suppliers.

Recommended Discs For Beginners
Multi Purpose: Innova Shark, Discraft Buzzz
Putter: Innova Aviar, Discraft Magnet
Driver: Innova Leopard, Discraft Cyclone

Disc Manufacturers
Visit the websites of the golf disc manufacturers and you will find a whole lot of information on the different discs available.
Here’s a few popular disc manufacturers to check out:

Basic Tips For Throwing
You can throw backhand or forehand or both. The most common technique is backhand.
Make sure you are well balanced before throwing.
Visualise the throw you are about to make.
Concentrate on a smooth throwing action.
Pull the disc across your chest in a straight line and make sure the arm follows through.

Good Habits & Course Etiquette
Get into the habit of marking the lie of your disc on the fairway, and then making the next throw with one foot directly behind the marker. Most players use another disc or a mini disc for marking the lie.

Don’t throw when someone else in your group is shaping to throw.

Make sure other players or park users are out of range before you throw.

Keep A Record Of Your Scores
Take a scorecard with you to record your round scores. Once you have played a few rounds, with a bit of luck you should be able to see an improvement in your scores.